Obsessed with creativity and understanding how brands work, I embarked on a career into digital marketing and creative storytelling. I am fascinated about combining creativity with other aspects to engage an audience effectively through content and branding marketing. In the current state of society it is crucial to understand how a consumer interacts and engages with content/branding messages which is something that intrigues me. Whether it's websites, social media, SEO, branding, content marketing and more, I am always looking to enhance my knowledge, skills and experience to fully understand how to utilise them all more effectively and efficiently. 
For a long time, I've been an advocate of football and its culture. Once branded by Guerrilla FC as a 'football culture wünderkid'. This has lead to me participating in research projects and videos with Copa90, appearing on various podcasts regarding kits and telling stories with a focus on many aspects of football. From this, I founded my own football culture creative brand, The Culture Division, which is a content brand with the aim of becoming a creative and digital marketing studio within football. In my head, the ideas I have are endless. 
A practicing photographer, shooting digital and analog. Constantly trying to improve my skills, I continue to shoot landscapes, streets, architecture, products and more. I have been writing from the age of 15, and been involved in podcasts since 16. A storyteller sharing my voice through various platforms, whether it's a personal blog or through a site like InBedWithMaradona and more. 
I am a football culture expert with the ability to fuse football culture with digital marketing to create meaningful and engaging content for many different audiences. I can advise, offering creative direction to projects and combining this with my knowledge around digital marketing. I can design, photograph, video, podcast and write, setting me up as an all-round content creator. I can participate in research projects, giving a brand meaningful insights into their target audience and how they can reach them.